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Consignment Process: (How We Work)

1. What type of items do you consign?

We are always on the hunt for women's designer luxury clothing, shoes, select jewelry, and accessories.    

2. Are you seasonal?
No.  We accept all seasons all year round!


3. What is your commission plan for consignors?

We have a tiered commission plan that is all inclusive, no extra fees.  The more your item sells for, the more you earn! :)

Item sells for less than $200 = 50% of final selling price consignor receives
Item sells between $200 - $500 =  60% of final selling price consignor receives
$500 and above =  70% of final selling price consignor receives


You will also receive email notifications throughout the process.  Specifically when your item has been listed with link for viewing, when item has sold, and when consignment check has been mailed.  Once item sells, consignment checks are issued 30 days after to allow for return policy to pass.   

4. What are your non-negotable standards?
Condition, no rips, tears, or stains.  Items must be in ready to wear condition.

Alterations, we do not accept items that have been altered.
Example: waist taken in, hem shortened, etc.

Authenticity, we do not accept counterfeit merchandise. 

5. What brands do you accept?

We accept a variety of contemporary brands to luxury brands, from Nordstrom to Bergdorf Goodman.  Please see our designer list here for more info.

6. How do you price?

We analyze the style, condition, demand, and original retail value of each item with the average resale market value.  Pricing is always agreed upon between consignor and FH beforehand, no surprises!    

6. Where do you sell the items?

Items are sold online via our Ebay store (click to view).  

7. Sounds great!  How do we start the process?

Please email us a brief summary of your items ( in order for us to better assist you!  From there we will coordinate free local pickup or free shipping based on number of prequalified items and location.


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